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Aiura Kyouko



Aiura Kyouko⑴ (相浦橋子, 아이우라 쿄코, Aïura Kyōko) is a cultivated foxgirl babiniku Virtual YouTuber who focuses mostly on providing fun and cultured streams with a kitsch yet wholesome environment. She's got comfy and jazzy vibes with a touch of slyness wit and some bits of cuteness. Kyouko's YouTube channel was created on July 19th, 2022, and made her YouTube debut on August 30th, 2022. Her birthday is August 4th, 1897(Meiji 30). Her height is 150cm(4'11"). Her artist and animator are BTRP on Pixiv.

Kyouko streams mostly in English, and speaks Korean as well. She can read and write modern Japanese but isn't confident on talking & listening yet. She also has interests on other languages, recently being French. Her fanbase are generally referred as 'Bridgepals', with variations for each language⑵.

Despite being a tryhard pushing herself, she thoroughly stays away from swearing, making her content family-friendly.

Kyouko is a big fan of traditional card/tile games. She usually focuses on making content on board games that are in the category of "mental sports", especially on contract bridge.

She has her own contract bridge systems, labeled under Kyouko Standard. Her main systems, Kyouko 5cM(5-card majors) and Kyouko 2/1, are respectively detailed variants of ACBL's SAYC, and GIB's 2/1FG system on BridgeBase Online. She often do lecture streams of Aiura Kyouko Bridge Series⑶. She also has fairly high hopes to be affiliated with World Bridge Federation.

Meanwhile, her rank on Riichi mahjong status for 4 players is Expert(雀傑) 2 on Mahjong Soul, and 雀狼(Orb Lv.17) on SEGA MJ. Now she plays "much less than she used to on her mahjong heydays before debut". Now she is on hiatus because of the consistent backfires on luck.

She also adores rhythm games, espcially BEMANI series. She streams only the video output at the arcade⑷, as she is "not confirmed yet to be permitted to install and utilize VTube Studio on the streaming PCs there". She mostly streams beatmaniaIIDX, and is skilled enough for passing off 8Dan rank on single play(1P side) there. She also streams DanceDanceRevolution, and some other related games as well.

She is also fond of Jet Set Radio-related games. Her best personal speedrun record on Jet Set Radio HD in All Grafitti Souls(=93%) category is 1:29:46.58.⑸ On Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, she has the best record for having the best record for the highest multiplier on Versum Hills⑹ and Brink Terminal.

On January 12th, 2023, she became officially "on hiatus for social draft" till October 2024. According to the provisions to her contract there, she can't receive any donations in the meantime. However, other than the hiatus on July & August 2023, her releases still seems to be regular, just being less frequent than usual (and much less on peak terms from April through September).

  • ⑴ Presented in Japanese name order; surname is Aiura, given name is Kyouko.
  • ⑵ 쿄류원(KR), きょうめいと(JP), Pontamie(FR)
  • ⑶ Her lectures are based on her Kyouko 5cM(5-card majors) system.
  • ⑷ She had showed her avatar PNG on the arcade just once though, on IIDX.
  • ⑸ As of May 7th, 2023; on PC (Steam)
  • ⑹ As of September 2nd, 2023; on PC (Steam)
  • ⑹ As of September 8th, 2023; on PC (Steam)
Lore Edit

A wild psychic fox(妖狐) roaming around Mt. Inasa(稲佐山) have her places to live drastically decreased for land reclamation since the Meiji period. But it didn't mind too much, sneaking for unusual delicacies never tasted before from the newly-built cottages in her areas that used to be her turf - till one day she was discovered in her human form by a hearty man at his Bridge club located in the mountain plains, while she was fidgeting with the "square things with red & black marks" on the table. Since then, she was raised and named as Kyouko(橋子, xl8. child of Bridge) by him. Then she swiftly became cultivated, and benefited all the civilization imported from Port Ainoura(相浦) - especially contract bridge!

Eras later at the age of Internet, she started VTubing with the help of her 5th-gen master, in hopes for searching another Bridge-playing VTuber; or at least someone to teach about the game of contract bridge, despite her introvert nature and disfluency still being inherent. She also prefers to share her favorite things amongst modern media, spreading positive vibes and "the concept of love" in the meantime.

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