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Sailor Senshi Celeste

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Celeste is a new up and coming vtuber who likes to play games and provide entertainment for anyone wanting to chill out and have a good time.

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Celeste is a sailor senshi from the moon kingdom. Princess Serenity saw that more people needed positivity in their life and sent Celeste on the task to entertain the masses! Celeste enjoys food, anime, hanging out and gossiping with their friends and playing games! Celeste has an altar ego however and when she's playing games it tends to come out. Despite looking like a cute little cat girl Celeste can be pretty blunt and straight forward so don't mistake it for being rude! When she's not fighting the dark kingdom during the day she takes off her mask and allows her true self to shine~

Bithday: 12/17

Personality: chill, sometimes lewd, very sassy, blunt and straightforward

Race: cat human (ya know, the blue kind)

Hobbies: destroying queen beryl's minions, kicking GFX bot butt, training cats to take over the world, exploring graphic designs

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