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Zurchonic is a VStreamer that started in early 2023. They mainly stream modern games from FPS, MOBA, RTS, to smaller flash games. They feature a 'brain' aesthetic. This aesthetic is due to their hive-mind theme. Under this theme they call their followers hiveling thralls, or thralls for short.

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A biological hive mind intent on expanding across Potestatem. During the third era, it mutated from Destroyer Breath along with many other proto-hive minds in the West Jungles of Foisham. Thought to be named after the hard black and purple carapace that forms on its body similar to zirconium ceramic armors. Or after the initial struggles with getting pure zirconium as an element when it was discovered.

Originally it took on a form similar to a large brain with tentacles but was destroyed by collapsing its sea cave in upon itself.

It was later discovered an advanced hiviling in the shape of a female humanoid body was jettisoned through teleportation magic used to another world.

There it ran into local humanoid life. The specific lifeform it came into close physical contact with willingly turned over its biomass to Zurchonic and became the host of the new hive queen. The new hive mind was absurdly different in personality and physical form than its original form on Potestatem.

Before the hive mind was aggressive and monstrous in its expansion. Now in a new world devoid of magic, psychic energies, or familiar foes, it became something new. The willing, rather than fighting, host of the body altered the core tenants of the hive. Now it seeks only those who want to be sought.

Many key bio-infrastructures such as a Psychic Beacon, Bioformer, and Soul Bunker were absent from this new world's hive mind. This new playing field and persona has caused the hive mind to adapt. Two adaptations have been utilized over the last few years.

First, the digital realm, similar to the hive minds' old and familiar psychic realm, has become the mind's main format of communication. Utilizing a feminine form it attempts to expand its thralls once more. Secondly, its psychic abilities and old habits grow unchecked in this world with no psychics or psychic defenses. At least, that it has not run into yet. As it expands and gets access to more information, biomass, and power it will grow in potential threat to the world. We can hope that it doesn't change its mind about only taking willing thralls.

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