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Zinco is a vtuber that streams variety of games on Twitch. They make content on Youtube and sometimes Tiktok. They play variety of different games from chill games like Stardew Valley and Roots of Pacha to Asymmetrical Horrors like Identity V.

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Once was a Sorceress at a Magical School, she ended up tricked by a group of students/those she thought she could trust. They drained all her magic and threw her into a hole in the ground which led to where an evil deity lived. Sacrificing her to gain eternal life. However, close to dying, the Grim Reaper appears and offers her a wish and in exchange becomes a Grim Reaper in his army. She took the deal. When the evil deity went to look for the sacrificed, he found them unconscious and granted the group immortally. However, after he takes a turn, the evil deity is greeted by a shadowy figure with spiral orange eyes and sharp white teeth. That was the last anyone heard of the evil deity.

The ex-sorceress goes by a new name, Zinco, and goes on variety of missions for Death. When she's not busy, she chills with a cup of coffee and some video games.

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