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Zeohda is a Female Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. She makes gaming content. she mostly plays overwatch, but she also plays a variety of video games from time to time.

Lore Edit

Has our beautiful Moon watched the human, she longed for someone to love. She cried at the thought of not having a child and A single tear dropped from her eye into the ocean. The tear spread deep into the sea causing the area to glow. Not before long, a body washed up on shore. The Moons Child, Zeohda. Born with a Moon Stone Crystal in her forehead. Zeohda now roams the earth learning about humans and other creatures. Her hobbies are Gaming, Astrology, Art, and Writing. She has two best friends, a frog named Plaambert and a mushroom name Tou. Her favorite color is sage green and Light blue. Her favorite fruit is peaches 🍑

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