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Zanzen Kazeloc

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Zanzen Kazeloc is a male, sky-snake Vtuber who is primarily a variety gaming streamer on Twitch. They play a wide variety of genres, including but not limited to: RPGs, MMOs, Horror, Action, Metroidvania, ect. Generally, they stream 3-4 times a week in chunks lasting at least three hours at a given time. Streams typically begin around 8 PM EST. Zanzen currently has a small but dedicated community of followers and is generally welcoming to anyone of any background into his streams. One of the big draws to his streams are the interactions that are available via channel points, which includes throwing objects at him, forcing him to take certain actions, or even add a game to his schedule that viewers would like to see him try out.

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There was once a couple, banished from their village, that were infertile. The two of them had no home to call theirs, and they dreamed for nothing but a child. These humans, a race able to form meaning and belief where there is none, wished so fervently that from their desire was born a new being: Quetzalcoatl. This feathered serpent rose above them, like a mountain over the earth. He blessed them with fertility, and from this the Aztec empire would eventually rise. The original couple became known as the creator gods, which in irony, were simply human themselves.

The empire continued to expand, with new gods being created from the belief of the people that now followed them. For hundreds of years, more than the history books tell, this community of people thrived. And it was good.

But soon, people from across the great ocean came. Disease and war were brought to the people, and by the time the gods could take action, it was already too late. Sickness and death had spread too far, and the number of believers waned until there was nobody left. The gods had a choice to make: slowly wither away with what was left of their people...or sacrifice their life energy to give to one of them so that they could live on. They decided the one who loved humanity the most, the first god, should be the one to carry their torch: Quetzalcoatl. He would miss all of them, just as he would miss his people.

In a grand flash of light, he was sent deep within the earth to hibernate, and the Aztec civilization was no more. Hundreds of years later, he emerged into a world unlike he had ever seen. He soared around the world, observing technologies he did not begin to understand and yet was completely fascinated by. More so, he realized just how far humanity had grown. He had only known the people in his civilization, but never before had he seen so many people, of so many backgrounds, in so many places.

He was able to disguise himself amongst them, but his power had fallen so far that he kept some of his snake-like features even while in his human form. Years passed, and he integrated himself into society in disguise. He chose a name for the things he desired and enjoyed the most: Zanzen Kazeloc. Zan, the force element from many games he now enjoyed. Zen, and idea of peace and mindfulness. Kaze, Japanese for wind or breeze. And loc, the second half of Tlaloc's name, his only direct son of his time.

Now, he streams regularly to meet humanity while not having to cover himself, under the guise of a Vtuber. He promised he'd watch humanity and view their growth to his brothers and sisters, and he means to keep it.

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