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Yo Yakuman

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Yo is a lion dog Vtuber in Hawai'i. They primarily play MMORPGs. Fleeing from responsibility, they embraced the path of the NEET and embarked on a journey of doing as little work as possible.

Cannot be tricked by dragons, no matter how crafty

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Yo was a guardian lion dog, tasked with protecting the grand shrine. For centuries, Yo had fulfilled their duties with unwavering dedication, never once questioning their purpose or the monotony of their existence. Yo spent their days barking at the shrine's entrance, keeping watch for any potential threats.

However, as the years passed, Yo began to feel unfulfilled. Yo had been performing the same duties for centuries and felt like their life lacked excitement. Despite their success as a guardian, they felt as if they were missing out on something more. They had never experienced the thrill of adventure or the joy of discovery. They had been so focused on their duties that they had forgotten to live.

Yo knew they had to make a change. They could no longer live a life that was unsatisfying and unfulfilling. So, they made a bold decision: to become a Mahjong player. They loved the excitement and thrill of the game, and they soon found themselves spending all their time playing and betting large sums of money. Yo was convinced that they were a skilled player and could win big - but they were bad at Mahjong.

Unfortunately, Yo's gambling quickly spiraled out of control, and they found themselves losing more and more money with each game. They were unable to stop, unable to quit, and soon they had lost all of their savings and were deeply in debt.

Depressed, Yo festered in their apartment, biding their time with cheap pranks, gambling, liquor, and cigarettes. Yo was always thinking about money and perpetual poverty, frequently bringing them to tears. They began to question their decision to leave life as a guardian behind. They had traded one monotony for another, and they were no closer to finding happiness.

With no money and no job, Yo found solace in the virtual world of MMORPGs. They became a NEET, spending hours upon hours in front of their computer, trying to escape the reality of their situation. However, to their surprise, becoming a NEET brought them immense happiness. They discovered a passion for gaming, and they were amazed at how much it brought them joy. They played games for hours on end, exploring new worlds, meeting new characters, and experiencing new challenges.

Despite the criticism and disapproval from those around them, Yo was content with their new lazy lifestyle. They no longer felt unfulfilled, and they were happy for the first time in a long time. Yo realized that their decision to become a NEET was the best decision they had ever made. They were no longer unfulfilled or unsatisfied with their life. Instead, they were happy and content, living a life filled with adventure, discovery, and friendship. Yo had chosen a life of lazy happiness, and they never looked back.

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