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🌈xXRemniteXx is a disabled and neurodivergent hobbyist VTuber and digital artist.

🌈xXRemniteXx goes by both neutral and masculine pronouns they/them/their and he/him/his etc.

🌈xXRemniteXx is Black & Indigenous with West African, Chahtah, and Taino ancestry respectively.

🌈xXRemniteXx is a panromantic demisexual as well as an intersex demiboy.

🌈xXRemniteXx is plus sized and a furry.

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They're a tiny bat being with a clay based body that is similar to that of typical children's molding clay. They can change the shape, texture, and color of their form depending on what they blend themself with or the tools that they use!

He sprang to life after being carefully crafted by a CMC artisan who infused him with all their love, care, and jovial nature. Now all he wants to do is draw, play games, and sing!

They long one day to meet the person who created them and try to get to know them as a person as well as learn his purpose to them, but until then his daily mission is to learn something new each day and to have fun with all his newfound friends!

They hope you'll join them on their journey's rainbow ClayDoughs! 🦇🌈🖍️

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