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XT-459 (or XT) is a female Virtual Youtuber and Virtual Streamer who makes content in English(previously making it in Brazilian Portuguese).

She generally makes gameplay livestreams and "Just Chatting" streams, talking about various topics, always randomizing, or asking the chat which type of content they would like to see, always making sure to interact with her viewers.

She is known for (most of the time) sing "Two Trucks" by Neil Circiega(Lemon Demon), her terrible puns, and for saying "Yeehaw" for no reason. She is extremelly cheerful and silly, makes fun of everything(including herself).

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Long time ago, a robot-girl was built... A robot with such a new and surprising technology. Initialy built for war, intended to destroy and kill specified targets. She had all types of weapons and mechanisms to make everyone that gets on her way turn into dust. But, due to a malfunction caused by bad-coding, she turned out to be lovely, adorable, and kind! Her creator, seeing the failure that she became, dumped her.. Searching for new friends, she decided to bring peace and smiles to everyone that she could meet! And what's the best way to do so? Through LIVESTREAMS!

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