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Xephiro is a male VTuber who just wants to entertain and have a good time with a nice community. Accepting of almost all who join the chat as long as they are chill and relaxed.

Lore Edit

Born into the middle class, Xephiro had a quite normal life, somewhat carefree and free of too many hardships. That was until the year of 1678. The day his normal life came crashing down -- he was forced to become a vampire thanks to a ritual. Not just any vampire however, an Alpha Vampire was born on that day. Those of his village who were once fond of him turned against him in an instant. Chasing him out and exiling him for something that wasn't even his fault. Where he began to learn self-hatred, envy, and solitude. He wandered across the land, searching for a new home and people who'd accept him for who he was now -- a monster. His search would seem fruitless, for vampire hunters would relentlessly hunt him down. Not giving a moment of reprieve to the man, except during the day because he realized the sun had no effect on him. Being driven mad by the near lack of rest and fear of being killed, he finally snapped and killed the hunters with absolute ease and swiftness. -That's when he realized, he had nothing to fear and could live a better life, an immortal one that could be filled with knowledge and power beyond anyone's imagination. Created a home of his own design, majestic and beautiful. Where he'd gather knowledge of all sorts. Not limited to mortal knowledge, but occult and magical knowledge he'd gather and study so he may expand what he can do and learn more about his own abilities. Perhaps even learning new abilities... As the years went by, Xephiro was in his manor studying everything he could and attempting to live peaceful and immortal life. While being hunted still, and effortlessly executing them. He grew weary of the humans who were hunting him for no other reason than the curse he was inflicted many years ago. Eventually in 1815, he went into hiding completely. Sick and tired of the constant hunts and killing. He thought to himself, "Why do these idiotic mortals keep throwing themselves at me with no chance of victory nor survival? Why must I spill blood every moment instead of when I wish to?" So he built a crypt that was designed to wake him up in 205 years, by starving himself of blood to go into a sort of hibernation and created a mechanism that would feed him blood when the time came. In the year 2020, he awoke and wondered how much the world changed in his absence. Much to his amazement, the world advanced tremendously and his existence was all but forgotten! He was excited to see this happen because it meant he could finally start a new life, one of peace and freedom. To finally be happy and not have to worry about when he'd have to kill again out of self-defense. So he explored the new and exciting options of modern life, whilst researching what he missed while he was gone. After seeing all that's happened in the years he slumbered, he had an epiphany -- "The humans have suffered enough at their own hands, and I will not humor the thoughts of taking vengeance upon those that once hunted me. So instead, why don't I try to make them happy? Enough of this suffering, the sadness, and anguish. Let people be happy, and I will try to make it so." Then began his long quest. How to make the people of the modern world happy? He eventually stumbled upon a way -- Livestreaming. People seemed to enjoy it and wondered what he could do for them under this premise. Then it came to him, "These... video games..? They seem to enjoy watching people play them, along with art and music related content. So why don't I do that for them?" And so he got to work on everything he needed to prepare for his arrival to the scene!

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