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Wooliam Sheeper

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WSheeper is a chaotic/cosy adult streamer.

Wooliam is a variety streamer with a set schedule, his streams are frequent and chaotic yet he strives to make a comfy space for his followers. He is mostly a game streamer who is joined occasionally by his friends. He likes to stream niche games and enjoys an infrequent horror game. Wooliam believes that using his platform, he can create an adult only space which has a cosy comfy vibe which anyone may come and enjoy actively or passively. Wooliam allows his chat a lot of freedom to be fun, and talk about adult themes and generally silly stuff. He does not allow nor cultivate a lewd space however, and is asexual himself. Wooliam allows his audience a lot of input into his content and is always open to improve and listen.

On March 9th 2023 Wooliam deleted his Twitter and moved community spaces into places which he could more actively protect his community due to safety concerns on the platform such as lacks in moderation features.

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The WSheeper lore is not listed in plain text, nor is it finished. Instead it is written out in multi-document form. The documents are not told in a particular order, but pieced together fit a larger narrative.

The lore can be read here:

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