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Winky is 21 years old and uses they/them pronouns. They're a variety streamer who enjoys all types of games, but tends to lean toward platformers, MMOs, and rhythm games. They also do the occasional art stream, where they work on personal projects or take live commissions.

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Winky was a lower demon who wanted to rise the ranks and rule all of hell, but everyone made fun of him for it and said he can't take anything seriously enough to do something like that despite being powerful. He fights the fight anyway, choosing violence and attempting to get demons out of their way to make it where they want to be. This backfires and he's easily taken down since he's alone, and is banished from hell. He's staking out on the surface, still planning of dominating hell when "wait.... Humans are so stupid... I know how I can easily get them to follow me..." And is now attempting to become a social media personality to take over earth instead as he still hungers for power. He has high asperations with none of the skill or schemes to get anywhere with it- thinks he's kicking absolute ass and will have the planet conquered in no time when in reality he's going about it all wrong.

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