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Willow is a chill but mischievous person who found great joy in playing videos games after arriving on Earth. She endeavors to stream her adventures and shenanigans online to others and provide a comforting place to have fun and relax. Typically you'll see her with her vtuber partners in crime, Wesley and Rosey, as they attempt to entertain the masses with their unrivaled sass and suspiciousness.

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While there aren't many places for a vampire in her original home of Pixel Purgatory, she did find refuge and solace in becoming part of a group of people known as the Disciples of Rosey. With their teachings and guidance she became much more powerful, capable, and mischievous leading her to follow a fellow companion in a realm travel portal to a place known as "Earth." Soon she became dazzled by the culture and technology of this new place and took a special interest in video games. So many things to do on a small disc or cartridge truly amazed her! Seeing this as an opportunity to have a fun adventure she ditched her robes and armor in favor of more Earth-like clothing to fit in a bit better and hasn't looked back since.

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