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Wicked Reception

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Wick is Purgatory's favorite receptionist. They answer to phone calls, emails and whom ever walks into the lobby. BUT- little does their job know- Purgatory's best plays games and streams during work hours! It's your job not to tell their boss- that's if you know who to tell.

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Wick was alive centuries ago as a mere human. They lived a sketchy but giving life. One faithful night they were caught in a crossfire and wrongfully murdered. This murder was such an ordeal between heaven and hell on who were to take them into the afterlife, that no one knew what to do with their soul. More centuries pass and unfortunately neither heaven nor hell were able to come to a mutual agreement on who would take their soul into the afterlife. With that, Purgatory became the best option. They became a permanent resident of Purgatory and was hired to keep them in check; since being such a disputed soul and no one wanting to take them into the afterlife, having a job to hold down was the best way to keep them from wandering aimlessly. Now they have discovered the internet and streaming. Its the only way to communicate outside of limbo. After all, being in waiting all those years does get lonely. What the boss doesn't know, is that they do this whilst on the clock. What a cunning fellow, but you must promise not to tell~

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