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Whisper Sin Static

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Whisper Sin Static is an Otaku Pixeltuber who plays mostly Retro and Indie games live on theKick Streaming Platform. He has an anime waifu obsession and likes to play his acoustic guitar and sing for his audience even though hes not great at it. He has a knack for getting into sometimes akward, but always entertaining conversations with his community.

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As a teenager in the early 2000's that loved Retro games, anime and Emo rock bands, Whisper found a Super Nintendo cartridge in the attic of his parents' new home. The cartrige was in poor condition and all of the labels had been scratched off, making it hard to tell what game it was. Excited to see what game he had just found, Whisper decided to insert the cartridge into his video game console and fired it up. Nothing came up on screen except garbled nonsense pixels and random lines of code. When Whisper went to try and reach for the cartridge, he was suddenly transported into the cartridge itself! Twenty years later, someone had found the cartridge again and tried ripping the contents onto their computer, finally releasing Whisper back into the real world. He remained in his pixelated form, but had no memory of what had happened while inside the game cartridge. Picking back up where he left off, Whisper found out about livestreaming and decides to play some of his favorite games and try some new ones on Kick, where he has found likeminded friends who have similar interests. He still can't remember anything from his time inside the game, but he has a sneaking suspicion that he wasn't alone in there...

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