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The online handle "WaWor", is home to the dragoness known as Envo Lopez. To some, a terrifying beast of myth & legend. But to others, just a grumpy oversized chicken!

  • OBS: WaWor is currently an independent creator, but is open to contractual work.
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Envo predates humanity by a couple of hundred years. Born to mother Lopez, in a clutch of 6, with her still living sister Ctana, Envo has already accomplished most of the things she wants in life. From a proud sentry defending her lands from humanity, to escaping the wrath of humanity when technology got too destructive to be handled. To living in hiding alongside humans with her sister. And now by the turn of the millennia; living the life of a hermit in a secluded area far away from any known civilization, simply communing with the now curiosity-stricken contemporary humans, without feeling the need to hold a façade.

It is only in recent memory the dragon has become aware of computers, and thus' the internet, making her smarter and more approachable, but she is still terrified of revealing herself and her location to the modern world, for what they might do with that information... So far she enjoys this pseudo-living, amassing a slow but consistent wealth, as well as emotional and philosophical enrichment, from the many strangers stumbling upon her wild streams.

Just don't expect her to start playing games on a professional level, her massive claws are still a hindrance to her performance. But often than not, that is something she can simply laugh at, and in turn inspire her onlookers to feel safe and secure about who they are and where they are at in their own lives.

After all, this stubborn elder wrym isn't about to go anywhere else for the time being!

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