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Voltage201, also known as Volt, is a male 3D VTuber who is well known in the community for his beautiful shader commissions. He creates content on various platforms, such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Reddit,, and many others, in addition to live-streaming on Twitch.

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Waking up in the middle of a large electric substation, he had no recollection of who he was, or how he had gotten there. His memory had been wiped completely, and his hair had become electrically charged with small sparks visibly on the surface. Peering up, his eyes met with a sign. "Danger! High Voltage. No Trespassing!". Unsure of his true identity, he decided to call himself "Voltage". He now spends his days searching for any clues to his former life, and what may have happened to him on that fateful night.

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