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Oct 2021
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Every 1.57 Day(s)
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Char is a Twitch streamer and 3D vtuber model creator. Pronouns are She/her. She made her model herself, and is always working on improving her streams.

Most of her streams involve her working on a commission or personal project in blender. She's open to questions about 3D modeling, as she encourages people to try it. Occasionally she'll play games but nothing too mainstream. Sometimes VR games. Whatever the content, Char loves to engage with chat and have a chill conversation on just about any topic. One topic her chat enjoys a lot is "Char Cute."

Char is a proud trans woman and promotes safety and comfy vibes in her community. When she started streaming in late 2021, she was not fully out of the closet as trans. She wanted to become a streamer without a facecam because of her dysphoria. She was dysphoric about her voice, too, but decided to make streaming the thing to keep her practicing her voice as she worked on voice feminization training. Now she talks about how happy she is with where her voice is and how she feels about herself.

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A rain forest dragon that one day noticed a human city expanding at the edge of her forest. She wanted to stop them from hurting her forest, but she's not a violent dragon, refusing to even use her fire. So she explores the city and tries to learn how to talk with the humans in the hopes of reaching an understanding that will make everyone happy.

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