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Ronnieisme brings the cozy charm of a cat cafe to the enchanting world of Mabinogi! They are your go-to soul streamer, affiliated with Nexon. With their cat-themed avatar, they creates a virtual haven where gamers can unwind and escape into the whimsical realm of Mabinogi, along with other variety games!

Ronnieisme welcomes viewers into a world of relaxation and camaraderie. As they explore the vast landscapes of Mabinogi, Ronnie tries to blend game and lore knowledge with a soothing demeanor, providing helpful tips and sharing cozy stories. They create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day of adventures in the game.

Ronnieisme's streams incorporate a lot of viewer interaction - Constant chatting, throwable redeems, screen and sound effects, and easter eggs throughout!

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Isekai'd into mabinogi, this Neko-Elf had one goal- Relax. With the constant threat of global catastrophes that only they could solve, constant intervention from gods, fomors, mind-erasing rulers and more, they retired into the Soul Stream to open the first multiversal cat cafe. Open to all, you can stop in for games, a chat, DND, community game nights, and more!

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