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Virna is a bee demon vtuber who's also successor of the current queen bee!

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124 years ago, Virna (Their name was Ahmya back then) didn't want to take part in a great demon war and was seen as a traitor, due to their shapeshifting abilities they took a new form and ran away from their home so no one could find them. They took the name Virna and tried to live their new life, but they never really felt like they belonged anywhere. One day a small bee appeared in front of them and asked if they wanted to come to the bee demon realm, offering them a crystal that would turn them into one as well, they accepted the crystal, but they had to give up their shapeshifting abilities. Now living in the bee realm, the queen bee who didn't have any own children to take her place when the time comes, she chose Virna to be their successor to the throne.

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