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Virion Kisei



Virion Kisei is a Virtual YouTuber affiliated with MyHolo TV's group "MonstarZ", debuted alongside Lunaris Urufi and Athelia Hiroyuki. He is reportedly the first male talent to debut in an English-speaking Vtuber agency. Virion's official nickname is Rion. His birthday is the 16th of April. Rion is a 6841-year-old slime parasite (from his debut in 2021). His size as the slime is 14cm and the height of his human host is 182cm. Rion's languages are English and French, he is currently relearning Korean and studying Japanese.

Rion's streams and content consist of singing, playing guitar (often coming up with original songs and/or lyrics on the spot), gaming, submission form reviews, being funny, and chatting. Most of his streams feature a random reward system where viewers can donate or spend free points (earned in chat via StreamLabs Cloudbot) for a chance to either win virtual prizes within the stream (such as improvised acoustic songs or MS Paint drawings), troll the streamer (like make Rion press Alt+F4), or get scammed (like winning nothing or get timed out in chat).

Since October 5th, 2022, Rion went on hiatus for his final year studies and was set to (tentatively) return on January 6th, 2023. However, on December 7th, 2022, MyHolo TV formally announces his graduation scheduled to be on January 7th, 2023 due to real life commitment that has proven to be difficult to continue his Virtual YouTuber activities, with an apology to everyone expecting his proper return announced previously. Rion made a statement on Twitter following the graduation announcement, thanking MyHolo TV for everything and apologizes to everyone that recently discovered him, as well as for not being able to announce it earlier or do more (while he was initially on hiatus). He made it clear in a thread that he is graduating from MyHolo TV on good terms within the company as they have always been supportive, assuring that they are actively learning from their past mistakes.

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Virion Kisei is a parasitic slime that had always wanted to be a human, or more specifically an idol and a singer. Unfortunately for him, his kind does not possess lungs, vocal cords, or even mouths to speak of. In his bid to fulfill his dream, he began traveling around the world for centuries to find the perfect host. Eventually, he came across a human city, and possessed a human being that had no acquaintances and relatives to speak of.

Coincidentally, the human he possessed also wished to be an idol but had long since given up on this dream due to circumstances. Virion, wishing to fulfill his host’s long lost dream eventually decided to become a Virtual YouTuber so that he could start from the basics and be connected with other fellow human beings, and to improve himself as an idol to eventually become the best idol, like his host wished to be.

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