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Vex Ith Zaeth is a variety eldritch Vstreamer that wants to entertain himself and others. He enjoys playing games,voice acting, ASMR, reacting to things, doing narrations/readings and sharing horror stories.

Game genre he enjoys are Roguelikes/lites, horror/survival, souls series, anything interesting or eerie.

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Vex was known with many names but the one that he got from his eldritch brethren was "The Trully Insane".

After he materialized himself on earth, he quickly got captivated by the various art forms humanity had produced. His arrival had the purpose of pushing the world into madness, instead, he is now protecting the sanity of humanity. Thus the one known as the "God of Static" was now though to be actually insane.

~Update log 1~ Humans have run with a joke and now Vex is the leader of the evergrowing velvet voice cult. "Welcome to the cult of the velvet voice little ones"

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