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Vexin is a male VStreamer and VTuber who makes English content. He is new to this new life so please be patient with him. He loves to play games and prefers when he isn't playing alone. Any games from shooters to strategy, from RPGs to MMOs he will play them all. Vexin is especially fond of music games. This is why he is in the process of learning piano.

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Vexin is a regular guy who is going through life like everyone else. Recently he decided to set some goals for himself and called it his Quest: VexinQuest. However, he isn't quite ready to share it with the world just yet. He feels like he needs more experience, courage and friends to finally reveal his Quest to others.

Vexin's favorited animal is panda, and coincidently because he has dark circles under his eyes people have called him a panda. But instead of taking it as an insult he embraced it.

While Vexin figures out his shortcomings please do not hesitate to join him on this journey and say "Hi".

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