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Vera Magus

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A Magician V-tuber who enjoys making new friends and fun challenges and loves playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Genshin Impact

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Vera is a son of Merlin one of the most powerful wizards in all time. As a child, he was affected by a curse his mother Nimue AKA (the Lady in the Lake) was aiming at his father. Due to that curse, instead of dying he reincarnates as a child losing majority of his powers in the next reincarnation. While Merlin was around, he trained Vera in magical arts so hard was engraved in his muscle memory to the point he was doing it in his sleep. In a later lifecycle he learned combat using all kinds of weapons to have a fallback strategy in case his magic isn’t enough at some point. He keeps a coded Memoir in a different form every cycle to make sure to fill in the gaps for the next reincarnation in case some memories were lost.

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