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Vaserati is a nonbinary content creator on Twitch, VStream and Youtube who is commonly playing new videogames or games in their beta and alpha testing stages. On Twitch they can often be found playing indie games, Phantasy Star in all its iterations, and a variety of MMOs, Platformers, and ARPGS. They always have a lot of on demand challenges available to viewers to "make their life hell", with discounts on channel point challenges and extra gifted Dixper packs (which are normally paywalled) on "Torment Tuesdays". On YouTube they review new and upcoming games, and document some game's story modes, as well as publishing short versions of the challenges they stream.

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Vaserati Xoar is a FOmarx from the world of Phantasy Star Online. They were a researcher on Pioneer 2 who worked on VR Spaceship before becoming a Hunter themselves, exploring Planet Ragol's Gal Da Val. In retirement they continued their research into new ways to experience life and keep the world safe. Due to their experiments, they eventually broke into the Oracle Fleet timeline. As a result of breaking timelines, they became corrupted by dark energy resulting in them becoming a kind of Dark Falz. They never show their true form though, and they just use the immortality to research more dangerous universes. When they go to a new universe, they aren't just playing a game, but they become the character being "played". They are currently in the process of rebuilding Pioneer 2 for reasons...

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