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Vampy is a female Virtual Streamer and Tik Tok influencer who makes content in English. She is very well known for her Evil giggles. When she gives you love, her catchphrase is hugs to death! Vampy is the sweatiest but she is known for yandere play style (especially in Dead By Daylight). Her height is 5'7, her Birthday is in August, and her sign is Leo. Also she does not SAY BLEH BLEH BLEH.

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It was the early era of the bitchin 80s, music was on the political up-rise, emerging from dark shadows and onto the blinding stage lights of the nightlife. A young woman, bad to the bone, fresh eyed to the scenes and night life of metal and punk-rock glam, found her self in the music. She was obsessed with the loud rhythms, the rifts and the new age expression. It was as though she was reborn and given life anew. However, she would soon learn it wasn't just music that emerged out of the shadows. There was a whole other world within the strings of bands and groupies. One band in particular, had caught our homegirl fancy. Having emerged overnight from the underworld, men with looks who could kill and complexions that rivaled the marble creations of Greek masters. The leader, tall and broody, with silken raven hair and eyes that rivaled rubies, held the screams and cheers of adoration of thousands, his voice hauntingly beautiful in his melodies. His siren's song enamored those who dared to listen, even our lovely beauty was enraptured by him. Haunted by his presence, he ignited a flame of passion and inspiration, that burned hotly within her. She craved to sing her own melodies, write her place onto the stage with thousands to cheer and listen to her heart. In futile efforts to meet him, she finally managed her courage to sneak past the concert's ghastly bouncer that hounded the groupies away from his masters. The mysterious stranger was as enchanting as he was on the stage, he could take your breath away from a glance. Her voice, soft and firm, rang out to him. "One day I want to be like you - I will be like you." her bravery drew his attention as their eyes locked together, and for a moment the world stood still. Without moving his lips, she felt something stir in her mind, another voice that was hauntingly beautiful but bitter, filled with venom. "You could never be like me, not as you are."

Her heart sunk into her stomach, shattering her dreams as she was brought to the harsh cold reality, or so she thought. Heart-broken and solemn, she withdrew herself to a recluse, avoiding the lights that had once blinded her. Her dreams turned to terrors, haunted by the images of blood and the voice of the stranger, echoing into her psyche. Shadows of death danced across her mind, cries and screams that curdled blood. As she slammed awake from a cold sweat, the darkness of her bedroom was bathed in the crimson spotlight of the moon as it engulfed everything in its bloody shade. In the silhouette of the moons embrace, hidden by the shadows of her lair, she could see his form, his figure- silky raven hair cascading over broad shoulders. The mysterious deadly stranger with eyes that rivaled rubies- Dracula. Her breath hitched in her chest, as his voice rang in her mind once again. "In order to be like me, you must sacrifice more than you've sacrificed before. " " What else could I sacrifice than what I have already?" she cried out in anger. He leaned in close as he whispered hushed chilling terror into her ear. If only she could see, the glint of the moonlight on his fangs as he spoke. " Your humanity." Her blood turned to ice as goosebumps pricked her arms. What could that even mean- her humanity? " Is that worth the price of fame?" he sneered lightly, criticizing the cost of her dreams. "Is that worth to lose yourself?"

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