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Unlikanins is a Vtuber who streams in English. She plays a variety of games focusing on comedy because her chat loves to hear her laughs. Her community are called "Unis"

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Unlikanins was born as a normal human with unusually beautiful body features on a floating piece of earth named StarDust. Her family was considered royalty on this planet, and as such Unlikanins constantly underwent training in conduct and regality. Truth be told, she despised it. From a young kit, she was to meditate daily in order to gain spiritual energy to become an immortal goddess. Her stored energy would slowly gather to create a powerful human-shaped energy burst to mate with it which she would then need to consume its semen to become immortal. After mere centuries, she succeeded.

StarDust is strange in that it regenerates its natural resources at an alarming rate, giving them an abundance that they use in trade with other planets. As such their economy is thriving. Nonetheless, Unlikanins was never allowed to truly enjoy the beauty of her thriving kingdom as she was often secluded. The royal family could not risk losing their precious heir and her virginity to space bandits or thieves. Having resources as their only strength soon corrupt and greedy planets threatened to cease trading and start a war. It was this very fact that forced the king and queen to offer their beloved princess a marriage arrangement under the threat of war.

The king and queen only wanted only what was best for their planet and their daughter. However, they had not taken into consideration the fact that Unlikanins would refuse to marry anyone. Unlikans had often studied Earth, a planet in another world where humans were free to eat, game, socialize, love and mate on their own terms. She desired more than anything to play games and mate with a perfect somebody without being forced to adhere to royal regimens. Of course, the king and queen could not allow this. Out of desperation, Unlikanins was forced to escape her planet and never look back. She knew that she would be not able to escape her palace on her own so she struck a deal with a mage to sell her fox bead and give up immortality in order to become human.

Yet in the end, Vixen was beguiled by the mage and had given up her immortality for a partial transformation. Still, the mage did grant her one wish. Within moments, she had been transported to another world, another planet, Earth. The only way for her to regain her immortality is to do what she loves and mate with someone she loves deeply...

She landed in a forest in Canada, Albert where she was stripped of her clothes when teleported. She managed to survive for a few weeks from dealing with starvation by spending her spiritual energy and building her own little hut from broken sticks and wood planks.

Before her last minutes before her soul leaves her body and dies from the sheer cold, a nearby hunter named Nephlym saw Unlikanins shivering, covered in snow, rushed to her and brought her to his cabin.

He placed her down near the wooden fire in a luxurious yet small living room to warm her up, he watched Unlikanins shiver and curl up in front of the fire as he slowly stared at her unresistible body while he was pouring a drink for her. He talked towards Unlikanins with a hot cup of tea that he made for her to help warm her hands.

She stared at Nephlym with gratitude and they lock eyes, they both felt a raw animal sexual connection and they mated for life. Unlikanins regained her immortal energy day by day as long as she experiences pleasure with Nephlym frequently.

Now you can help too! When watching Unlikanins stream or videos you can help her gather spiritual energy in the form of opals which are viewer points. Gather as many opals as possible and exchange them in order to help her. As the opals accrue she will regain her power and even gain new appearances. In time she will become an immortal fox once more and show you her true spiritual form.

You can also help her get to know her new planet by contacting her on Discord! Unlikanins#5327

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