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Shaw "Umbra" Silva is a male Virtual Youtuber/Streamer who likes to record and stream video games ranging from linear story driven titles to horror and 3rd person shooters. Umbra especially enjoys playing stealth games and learning the mechanics around them. Umbra also likes interacting with an audience while doing things like chatting, telling personal stories, and language learning.

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Born 6th of Sable Moon, 1834 in the World of Ode. Shaw is a Human Vigilante/Assassin previously having received training from an unknown resistance conglomerate. This organization was dedicated to imbuing young participants with magical abilities aimed at committing regicide. This was found to be disagreeable by Shaw.

Before undergoing any magical transformation, Shaw departed from this resistance as an average human. He took with him the name Umbra as an acclamation to his stealth capabilities and started a job as a glorified neighborhood watch.

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