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Turnip (they/he/it) is a transmasculine VTuber who streams on YouTube. Their first language is English, but they can also speak German, Japanese, and a little bit of Tagalog. He draws, makes music, and plays games on his streams, and his favorite game genres include but are not limited to rhythm games, satisfying simulators, virtual pets, fighting games, and story-rich horrors. While it can sing, it is also an avid vocal synth user, using the program VOCALOID6 to make covers of songs; it is more confident doing this instead of singing due to their currently less-than-stellar microphone, but at the start of every stream, it makes a point to sing an intro song of its choice to build this confidence back up. They also dabble in a little HTML coding, and someday they hope to write a visual novel or two. He does not have a Twitter or a Discord server, but to make up for that, he posts anything that would normally go there on places like SpaceHey,, Tumblr, and his Neocities page.

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What do you get when you cross a new-age spiritualist and a robotics engineer and then give her a nephew in need of some gender affirmation? You get Turnip! The problem is that during the encoding process, his aunt was rendered unable to continue working on the project, so Turnip got to finish writing their own programming. Its chosen human name is Ross, but the program itself is called 0T4N1P, a serial number that their aunt took to pronouncing as Turnip. Both of these names are acceptable to use for him. Its "beancoloredgrass" username bears no significance to their backstory and is just a funny phrase that it overheard one day and never forgot.

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