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You can call him either Turbo, Pamsters, or Pami depending on what your prefence is. He has this community called the TurBROs wherein it's a spin of Turbo and Bros. He was a car enthusiast ever since he was a small child hence the current lore he has. He tends to play casual games but is slowly getting immersed into the world of FPS games such as Farlight 84, Apex Legends, and Valorant. But overall, he's just here to have fun and make friends.

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"In the good old days where racing was prevalent in his country, TurboPamsters was on his prime as he got a lot of podium finishes in every races that he participated. It was also apparent in his racing jersey that he was into ramens and hotdogs but that's a story for another time. After a while though, he became way out of his prime as new, younger racers came and dominated the racing scene thus leaving him behind and putting him out of the league of the new season. With that, TurboPamsters decided to retire from his racing career leaving behind a legacy to be reckoned with. As TurboPamsters started to relax for a bit, a new calling was set upon him. A calling that was unprecedented that he never thought that he would take the chance and that calling was streaming. His circle of friends were all into streaming and TurboPamsters became curious into the activity and he decided to join in on the fray. Thus, in 2021, TurboPamsters started his first livestream on the platform Twitch. At the first part of his streaming career, he was very hesitant of continuing with the new hobby because it was so new to him but with the help of his friends and newfound friends in the world of streaming, he started to get the hang of it and became more used to the hobby. As it stands nowadays, he and his so-called TurBROs community are starting to grow continuously and he's getting back to his prime, albeit in a different world."

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