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Tinsera is an Interdimensional Night Elf who is found to be playing classic and retro styled games and has a great love of things mechanical in nature. She streams games like Front Mission 3, World of Warships and MechWarrior on Twitch mostly in the morning hours and uploads to YouTube from time to time. About 5'5" (167.64 cm) in Hight with a birthday of October 2nd.

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Tinsera is a night elf a little over 300 standard earth years old and is not of our own galaxy or our own timeline and has crossed through to this dimension using a contraption she has since had to dismantle. Her own world is much like our own, but the major population contains mostly Night Elves with a few other various magical beings living at peace with one another. She visited quite a few timelines/realities before landing, on mistake, in our modern day earth with its less than adequate amount of magic available to hop back out. Stuck in this timeline she has taken upon herself to make it a new home and learn as much as she can about "Humans" while they catch up to technology (something close to the magic her machine runs on) capable of sending her home.

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