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Ticobe is a generally high energy streamer who prefers to collab with friends than hang alone. Favoring visual novel and simulation type games, he loves to put on voices and get lost in the stories he plays through.

Aside from high energy positive environment streams, he will occasionally have days where the salt mines open up and he'll play league of legends, or have a quiet day and do a bit of art. However, art streams are known to get off track rather quickly and he ends up watching silly dog videos or travel documentaries. If not, they will occasionally ramble off about their bone collection (what a dog) and talk about how "the bone soup" is doing at any given point, or go into deep dives about internet mysteries and true crime.

While Ticobe is a fun and chaotic environment, he's very adamant about giving Content and Trigger warnings if he's going to talk about something dark, as to not spoil the vibes for anyone who can't stomach it! So go ahead, give him a shot if you haven't already!

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A hell hound who has been contracted to work in the devil's casino and take the souls of those too far in debt to get out. He can shape shift into form of the soul's collected at will, but prefers his dog form or human adjacent over anything else.

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