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Just a scuffed ?&? Vtuber trying to make it.

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Just a shapeshifting vtuber that made two blood contract to mythical creatures to gain their powers.

My blood contract 1: Power of the Phoenix. Element fire, main power is resurrection. Contract terms: Deformity of legs and another one but it's a sercet.

Blood contract 2: The great Megalodon. Element water, main power summon the great Megalodon to swallow the target whole after three slashes with the legendary megalosword. Contract terms: Deformity of mouth, subsequent usage causes bleeding from eyes & nose and eventually death.

Terms of blood contracts from mythical creatures: Grants the user access to the mythical powers but at the cost of a deformity of which the mythical chooses. You can gain more powers of a mythical but cost more deformities. Most contracts are negotiable but the one constant is you have at least one deformity.

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