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thebelovedmoon has been creating content since 5 Jul 2022 under the representation of Kaiser Insight-カイザーインサイト-, to which it will appear every July of the year. he has since changed to the Mother model, perfectly representing as Mother from Horror Shop Games, which have been their character association since 2021. thebelovedmoon streams a variety of topics, most notably writing streams in which there were notable novels currently in production: Venus Island Diaries, Life after Mahotan, 346: Scourge, and Mother ~the afterstory~ -- in which the final novel is indeed the VTuber’s own lore in book format.

thebelovedmoon was once a PNGTuber during their inception. he soft-launched as a 3D VTuber on 12 Jul 2023, before officially making the switch on 8 Aug 2023. he still switches between 3D and PNG for convenience purposes.

on 27 Dec 2022, through a fanart, he launched his own VTuber Collective -- 「VTresMarias - V三人のマリア - 」 -- in which he's a primary benefactor of. accompanied by were two of his accomplices, called "Marias" -- Aura Ostara and Hina Oujo/HinaSukii.

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Mother Agatha was once a beloved mother whose beauty is unmatched, until she succumbed to the forces of evil due to hunger in a never-ending winter. She had sacrificed three of her children for food, but her fate had been sealed by which her youngest son wanted to seek the truth and give justice to his lost siblings.

But when her story comes to a close, another one opens -- a light in her midst of darkness, with a mission that can reshape her destiny anew.

This is a story of how a mother once lost everything, but has made a new life with those who cared about her the most. The story of the First Maria -- Mother Agatha, now known as 💚🍃Aga-chuu💗🌸.

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