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The Reel Jon

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Jon is a male PNG VTuber who reviews movies and is looking to make video essays. Jon previously streamed under the moniker Storytime Rowan, before changing his name to Storytime Jon and then finally The Reel Jon. The Storytime Playthroughs streams were originally playthroughs of visual novels or dialogue heavy games but with silly voices as the characters (i.e. Elmo, Cookie Monster, Patrick Warburton, Yoda, etc). Jon eventually added in Pokemon game streams, one a regular playthrough and the other a Nuzlocke challenge.

Jon left live streaming in August 2022 to shift focus back to making movie reviews, specifically for YouTube and TikTok. He is planning on releasing longer video essays discussing older movies and how they relate to real world topics, such as the accuracy of biopics or the depiction of autism in media.

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No lore. Just a deer that likes to review movies.

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