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Tatus Kuba



Name: Tatus Kuba Species: Cat x Highlander Cow (Moocat) Hight: 6'7 (204.22 CM)

Lore Edit

A farmer who lives in the country side trying to make an online appearance to show the stigma around Cat x Cow hybrids is not one that is true or deserved to be placed on the hybrid species as a whole.

Moocat is based in a world where animals & humans are alike as well as common to see around the planet but there are those who are also a mix of 2 or more animals alongside being human.

The planet Moocat comes from is called Titania, it is said to be one of the most beautiful planets to have been discovered. The land prosperous with fruits, trees and all sorts of wild life roaming free along side the humans & hybrids was said to be a peaceful world but ofc there are always rumors, lies and those who are picked on without reason.

Moocat is part of a species that lives on this planet that is said to be the most violent and not understanding of others among other things the stigma around them makes those of other species fear and resent them. The cause being back in one of the earlier wars the cat x cow hybrid was specifically made for the war of lands by the humans side to take control of the main lands of Titania but the war came to an end almost 200 years ago. Yet there are still those from all sides that view them as nothing but human made monster, a lot of them tend to live in the country side to avoid interactions with others incase someone attacks them again just for excisting. Cat x Cow hybrids have been nothing but docile since the war ended with the humans losing and over the years they have found peace in living on farms and in the wild forests at times. All hybrids eat food based on what there needs are Cat x Cows tend to be omnivores so they eat synthetic meat with real veg, there a those that are only meat and or only veg eaters so they buy what they eat.

Moocat seeks to show the people and other hybrids of Titania as well as those on other plants that they are not the monsters they where made to be back in the war that they are peaceful and kind to one another. He wants to show that they too want to be part of the society and work hard just like anyone else they do not want to be treated as monsters anymore. He wants to let the world know the love he has for others even to those who hate his kind.

Along his journey of streaming his life on the farm he meets an Orca x Demon who could be nothing more than the complete opposite of him. Loved by all and trusted by all species alike she could be nothing more than what Humans describe as true beauty.

As days go on he finds himself hanging around Dakorca the Demon x Orca more not realizing he is enjoying her company more and more, realizing later on that as he does his group of friends grows bigger and bigger while the stigma very slowly goes away!

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