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Takamura Takako

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Takako is a tsundere maid VTuber who makes content in English. She is a variety streamer who plays games, sings, draws, and does ASMR. She is a lifelong otaku who frequently discusses all things anime and visual novels. She collects doujinshi and figures among other physical goods. She claims to be her own ideal woman, and this passion for her ideal self drove her to draw and rig her own model and begin VTubing. Takako's stubborn and prideful side is rivaled only by her sentimental and easily flustered side. She may act standoffish at times, but she gets lonely quite easily. She is a self-proclaimed "lady," though her behavior isn't always ladylike when she gets embarrassed or frustrated. She becomes easily enamored with beautiful girls. She also enjoys tea, fashion, sweets, cooking, jewelry, painting, and floral arrangement.

Her viewers are called "Goshujins." Resembling small white rabbits with black bowties, they're the customers that come to the White Rose Café. They take immense pleasure in bullying Takako, but adore her all the same.

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Takako grew up as a rich girl who secretly hid the fact that she was a hardcore fan of anime and manga. Once she got out on her own, she pursued her love for otaku culture by working at a maid café. Eventually, she was able to open up her own maid café, White Rose Café. Though, it seems she's also the only maid who works there...

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