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Tadano Hakase

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Hakase is a simple guy who stream and make videos for fun. He likes to interact with the viewers and meet with new peoples. Making new friends is his main goal. He tried his best to stream but due to slow internet he barely can, so he create and upload a video instead. Hakase still shy and having a hard time to interact. With his low no energy voice, he hope for support from friends and family.

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A young scientist had died do to his own malfunction machine. He has been reincarnate into a Tavern in between the dimensional rift. A strange black figure reaching his hand out to Hakase and said, "You don't need to suffer anymore, I give this form to you.". With the given form of a fine young man, Hakase officially being adopted by the being. the being was a Runaway demon lord named Tadano Powge. From that day, there's always chaos in the Tadano Family.

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