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Sushi Kishi

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Sushi Kishi is a English-speaking Virtual Speedrunner of games and game-like accessories, mostly retro or sports shufflers. Sushi is also starting to learn guitar, and will stream taking lessons and practicing from time to time, with permission from JustinGuitar.

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Sushi is a Lalafell who used to wait tables in Gridania and all over Eorzea. By his own estimation, he is the third strongest Lalafell VTuber in terms of popularity. He went fishing while on vacation in the same place the Warrior of Light happened to be trying to save the world, and has regretted the coincidence, as he has been constantly wrapped up in wordly affairs and somehow getting into trouble helping the Warrior of Light play the hero ever since.

While on another vacation from that job, Sushi found a portal behind a waterfall that sent him to Earth. He spent the first year on Earth on the run from a certain 'Box-Phoenix,' who thought Sushi had escaped from their virtual recreation of Eorzea. They eventually made a deal allowing Sushi to stay on Earth and find a way home as be long as he joined The Box's I.D.O.L unit, tasked with combating and everything any video game assets that escape from their virtual worlds. These assets are known as Imagined Data Outside of Limitations.

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