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Sukkibus, aka Suki, is a wholesome ace succubus/ oni artist and vtuber. She can be observed experimenting with art on twitter, as well as singing songs on twitch/ youtube. She likes talking about every topic, all topics included. Sometimes she even plays comfy and indie games, but her favorite thing is chatting with people. She mainly speaks English but we've heard her speak in German or even in Greek on some rare occasions.

Lore Edit

Being asexual made poor Suki a true social outcast in succubian society. Everyone thought there is something wrong with her and veganism hadn't cought on in hell, she got bullied so bad she had to flee. Luckily with some effort and a lot of saving she found her shelter on earth. There, she decided to become a girlboss and opened her own coffee shop, also known as Suki's Cafe™ ❤︎.

Suki's Cafe is a shelter for every kind of person whishing to find a place to chill at and talk about their day. With a lot of help from her regulars and a special concert she managed to get her Café affiliated on Christmas Day of 2023.

She is very grateful to everyone who helped her feel accepted and appreciated for who she is and wishes to do the same for others. The rest of the lore is being written as we speak, join her to be part of it ♥

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