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Stramonio is an Italian VStreamer and Gamer who creates content in Italian/English. It is independent and started streaming in 2023. He has participated in various communities both as a user and as a founder. He loves MMORPG and open world games and play with friends

Lore Edit

Stramonio is the prince of demons, god of the hell, born from the the hottest flames in the underworld. His flames only burns the enemies but are gentle to the friends, got sealed for many millennia in the ancient chained stone for fear that his infinite power would be unleashed and be able to ascend.

Someone recently cracked the seal but he grew very slowly because of it. Has recently learned to coexist in the world of humans, but still often makes some weird mistakes (he hasn't learned yet the human language). Because of his trickster personality he loves to challenge them and seal pacts in change of favors to maintain order and equality in the universe, he rarely take a side and try often to not be involved in human affairs but not barely try touch his friends or you will find what the "End" word is meant for.

Currently is gradually recovering his powers and some of his "maybe" lost memories. He now has an evil plan in mind to conquer the terrestrial world together with his friends, to prove to his father, the king of demons, that he is capable of governing "Aetherna" the main city in the underworld that has supremacy over all hell and rules it. If his father does not leave him the throne, he will not think twice about killing him and taking his place, for him the goal is fundamental and anything that gets between him and the goal must be destroyed. He has an INTJ personality type, one of the MBTI personalities. In the daily life loves gaming, watching TV series and do stuff with his new friends Was the first to discover that demons could ascend to godhood.

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