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Starry Bean The Galactic Neko

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Twitch/YouTube English content who enjoys ramen, friends, and her community. She self-designed her model and her outfits. Each outfit brings different personality and styles. Most outfits are redesigned in a way that works out for her aesthetics. Some outfits like celestial form are using parts from Booth and readjusted using pen tools (Credited on her channel).

She is a very chaotic yet sweet and lovable girl who wishes to have fun with the people around her. Starry tends to be quiet at first with new people, but she eventually opens up more after a while of socializing with the peers within her community. The community and friends are what brings her energy + optimism within her streams. However, her squeals... that is all towards her community themselves bringing those scares with soundalerts.

During off-stream, Starry is a busy neko with her family, community, friends, and personal affairs such as work/studying/chores. When she is busy, she does like to be quiet and observe things as the day goes. As a Libra, she does prefer her balanced life-style than feeling upset.

When she gets the chance, some of her hobbies are doing art and singing. You will see her sing on streams depending on the days. While doing art, she creates custom shrimp emotes as well in her shop. Her friends and some community members are the first ones to get the emotes. Be sure to check out the works!

One day, she would like to become a V-Idol pursuing her dreams of singing and causing even more chaos of fun to people around her. With her dreams in place, her goal is to inspire V-Tubers to be self-expressionists and have fun with the people around them.

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Within the dark universe, the stars and planets became the lights of souls. Each one are not alike yet brought some mystery to their personalities. Some explosive while some are chill. However, inside a lonely nebula was something that became what and who we know today.

The nebula that glistens of galactic colors sparked a fusion of energy. Molecules, stardust, and energy running together -- colliding and bonding. As each molecule binds, a figure starts to form. What kind of form? That is where the fun part comes into play.

A small blob starts to form. The blob was a dark purple gelatinous body with hues of soft blues and glitter swirling around its body. It became mesmerizing as constellations formed a shape of what it appears to be a heart that beats with every shooting star that crosses the sky on a beautiful summer night. Then, its eyes appeared.

A pair of sunset eyes with stars opened from the blob and looked around to find itself alone in the universe. As the eyes wonders around, it starts to shiver and cat ears began to pop up. Once they appeared, soft purrs began before the blob sets off to fly around.

With time, the flying space cat blob continues to develop while purring. What appeared to be a blob finally became a female neko -- cat + human mix. Her purple hair glistened like a thousand jewels reflecting through sun beams, eyes that sparkled through as if it was an ocean in the middle of a moonlit night, and skin that signifies fresh snow. The true definition of a space cat was born.

The quiet neko looks around seeing nothing but stars and nebulas. Silence echoed throughout. She lets out a sigh until her ears perked up hearing laughter and cheers. Looking around, she followed the sounds.

As she flies through space following the sound, the galactic neko saw planets aligned in a circular formation yet going at different speeds.

There was pluto standing out by itself. Saturn and its rings bringing out its signature appearance. Mars with its mountainous body and reddish-brown dirt. However, out of all the planets, stood out one -- Earth. Little did the neko know, Earth is where all of life forms' existence lives.

By the time the neko arrives onto the land, she hears all sorts of sounds. Music, cities, people, and animals all around her. What stood out was the question, "Who are you?" that echoed.

It took a while for her to process through information gathered by the life that lies on the planet. Eventually, she came up with an answer.

"Hello! My name is Starry Bean."

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