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Starlight is a Celestial Fox that streams paintings and products of cute and colorful subject matter. She also loves to teach new art tips and tricks to her audience and sometimes does live demonstrations for different art techniques. Her work can be found nearly anywhere under the associated name 'AudreyStarlight', a combination of her name and a being she is spiritually connected with.

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Starlight is a Celestial Fox who comes from the Astral Plane and has a mysterious connection to the Aurora, or as some call the Northern Lights. She accidentally fell into a world among creatures who were fearful of her strange chimera-like appearance and unexplained, intense desire to learn magic. After finding a forbidden book and deciding to learn the magical arts in secret, Starlight accidentally cast a spell that opened a dimensional doorway to Earth and found that the 'Earth' world was filled with magic, and people were more entertained by her than afraid. She later came to learn that their magic was known as 'technology', but she could mix it with her own spellwork and find common ground. She also found that what she and the Earth beings had in common was Art, and now has a dream of using her skills to offer her wares, entertain, and possibly become an 'art teacher' to others.

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