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Rayshii is a female Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.
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Starlight is a Celestial Fox that streams paintings and products of cute and colorful subject matter. She also loves to teach new art tips and tricks to her audience and sometimes does live demonstrations for different art techniques. Her work can be found nearly anywhere under the associated name 'StarlightAkari'!
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Akari is a Trans Penguin VTuber. She Is On A Hiatus From Streaming. She is known for being a cozy, sleepy streamer. She is most commonly found playing a Nintendo game or playing other cozy games. She is found streaming on another users channel by the name of SkylarMarieRose, and plans to move by late…
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Akari Hoshizawa
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Akari Hoshizawa is an Australian female Vtuber. She is a sunset-coloured dragon with four horns and starry eyes and wings. Akari sometimes wears glasses. Her horns and eyes glow in the dark and reflect various colours based on her emotions, apparently due to a glowstick-ingestion accident as a hatchling. Her birthday is November 27th, although…
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Akari Channel
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Akari Channel is a male Virtual YouTuber who makes content in Malaysian. His birthday is 29 January. His height is 164 cm. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.
Videos 2Frequency 32.5Watchlists 1Subs 15Views 29
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