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Stargirlgames is a nonbinary catgirl VTuber from Canada. They make content for streams and videos on MMOs, roguelites/likes, RPGs, and D&D. Both physically and mentally disabled, they do their best to be an advocate for other disabled content creators. Fluent in English and French, and learning Japanese, Spanish, and ASL, they love to learn new languages.

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In the mystical realm, there was a goddess of the moon who yearned to connect with Earth's mortals and thus bore Star, a radiant child blessed with ethereal grace and the ability to wield moonlight's magic. Growing up, Star embraced their celestial heritage, becoming a beacon of hope and protector of the balance between light and dark. They hid in the shadows and helped guide the people of earth to make good choices, with her soft whispering voice being akin to a conscience. They eventually grew tired of being a hidden guardian and being ignored nbo matter how hard they tried. They began to seek other ways to bring joy to those on earth and became enamored with the world of video games. It was the one way they could show their true form to those on earth. The goddess that bore Star into being supports her child in all her endeavours.

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