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Stanza Cosmi

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Stanza's a transnonbinary vstreamer that plays a variety of games and occasionally talks about Philosophy, and sometimes does digital art. They are a bit neurodivergent, but will always put the effort in to ensure she doesn't make people uncomfortable. They are back and no longer on hiatus after re-debuting.

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Stanza is a genetically modified human created in a lab to be a weapon, similar to Mewtwo. Technically part of a trio, but the only one to escape into the outside world. She has fine control over ice and electricity, but macro control is much harder for them. They love all the little things in life, given she didn't get to see them as a kid, and is trying to experience them more. Contrary to popular belief, they are a sweet person, and if it weren't for their differences, no one would ever think she was a weapon.

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