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Spellkaze is an Ecuadorean Virtual Streamer. His streams are mostly on Spanish, but with casual visits of english-speaking viewers he tends to swtich languages on stream. He streams mostly 3D modelling on Blender and programming on Unity. He enjoys most open-world sandbox games like Minecraft, Space Engineers or Subnautica. His catchphrase is "Software engineer on the day, pink prince in the night". He also does karaoke nights.

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A prince from a far away kingdom that once he got his engineering title, he decided to convert two thirds of his castle into a gigantic cloud computing center causing uproar to all his vassals. This computing center developed itself an AI that takes care of all the problems of the kingdom and the prince necessities, at one cost. The AI has determined that the prince is more of a liability outside the castle than inside, so it has locked him off and his only contact to the outside world is via streaming. Not that the prince complains though, good internet, good air conditioning, robots take care of food and cleaning, and the kingdom is being taking care off... what could go wrong?

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