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Spectre is a ghost ENVtuber who streams on Twitch. He mainly plays games and in particular has a love for horror, but plans to branch out into variety content in the future with things like TTRPG, body-doubling, and scary story streams. He also runs "Spirit Box" (TTS) streams with more relaxed, cozy content.

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A ghost who haunts a forest that seems to exist outside space and time. The woods go on endlessly, and it was once said those who wandered in would never return; However, in recent years, the forest has become mysteriously more benign, which Spectre gives himself credit for.

The forest exists in a time loop, explaining the channel's name, as it is always Halloween there. It contains many entities that tend to be malicious, but Spectre keeps chat safe, having claimed in passing to be the most dangerous presence in the forest. Whether that's actually true or not is yet to be seen.

Spectre himself has unclear origins besides having died in the forest, but has mentioned he decided to start streaming after a long period of loneliness.

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