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Sonata Arial

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Sonata is a female French VStreamer. She plays video games, mainly horror themed in her "Fearnata" show with a special avatar appearance, and makes art, using traditional and digital means. She belongs to a French streamer group named "Chill Zone" which was founded by French Vtuber Doryl. Sonata has a cute and dynamic personality during streams and on social networks, using a lot of hearts in her texts, and tends to be pretty playful about sexual themes, openly admitting she loves to play to eroge. She supports Visual Novel developers and wants to popularize Horror playthrough in French community, and is a big fan of Hoyoverse content, notably Genshin Impact which is her favorite game. She is working on publishing her stories about her characters and world through arts and writings. She has three avatars : Sonata, the main one, Fearnata, a bloody version inspired by "Elle" in her story, and Heathcliff Arial, a wizard and main character in her stories.

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Sonata comes from the "Arial" dynasty, a family of wizards and witches from which Heathcliff Arial (also present as an avatar on Sonata's streams) was the most notable. She lost herself about her past for quite some years, being known by the nickname "She" (or "Elle" in original version) as she experimented on life and death in a bloody way. When she finally found her path thanks to the wolf spirit passed down by her family, she became an archivist, trying to pass down her family's and world's history through her works.

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