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Sneerful is a female succubus English MMO and variety gaming Vtuber on Twitch. She mainly streams FFXIV, while also streaming games such as WoW, Vampire Survivors, or other variety games. She prefers to go by the nickname Sneer, and her pronouns are she/her/hers.

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A lesser demon born in the seventh circle of Hell, Sneerful was spawned as a succubus with no name, recognition, or purpose. A fellow incubus who found and mentored her gave her the name Sneerful, given her tendency to sneer when they wandered aimlessly through the fiery inferno. After dying in Hell in a battle against a hostile demon, she was banished from her homeland and reanimated on Earth. Sneer had a mission once she regained her form - to gather strength and become a powerful succubus the likes of which to rule the seventh circle.

Despite being born with little to no power, Sneerful was endowed with a particular skill - she can absorb the power of defeated enemies and reanimate after death. As such, Sneer travels Earth in search of worthy opponents or prey willing to offer up their life force to her. Once strong enough, she will return to Hell and enact revenge against those who killed her.

Sneerful values raw strength above all else and any who have power are considered worthy as an equal. She welcomes challengers to fight her, whether on the battlefield or in the bedroom. After killing or seducing her foes, she consumes their energy to strengthen herself. Although she is hostile and unmoving to most who know don’t know her, she has a tender spot for the sweets created on Earth, skimpy alternative fashion, video games, and mostly willing humans who offer up their life force to her.

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